Diamond Jewellery Certification

Diamond Jewellery Report is provided to End Consumers as a Guarantee of Authenticity by Jewellers which imparts brief knowledge about their Jewellery pieces to Consumers.

Here are the Details provided by Ingemco in our Diamond Jewellery Certificates.

  • Certificate Number – Mentions the sequence in which the Certificate is generated
  • Description – Gives Brief Description of Commodity being Certified. This may contain information about the Hallmarking and Design Number.
  • Gross Weight – This means the Total weight of the Product that includes weight of Diamonds, Stones etc.
  • Diamond Weight – Shows how many Carats of Diamonds are studded in the Jewellery. This information is provided by the Jeweller
  • Shape of Diamonds – Describes the Shape of the Diamond in which it has been Manufactured
  • Color – The Certified Colour of Diamond
  • Clarity – The Certified Clarity of the Diamond.