Loose Diamond Grading

Loose Diamonds are tested as per Industry Standards and Graded for their Specifications. It is an important aspect in deciding their future course of action since Jewelers stud and charge For Diamonds accordingly. View Sample Diamond report here –


Diamond Jewellery Certification

Diamond Jewellery should be mandatorily Examined and Graded by experienced Gemologists under High-Magnification Microscopes so as to provide exact characteristics of Diamonds studded in it. This assists the Consumer to assess the True Worth of the Jewellery their buying.

View Sample Diamond Jewellery report here –


Gemstones Reports and Sealed Packing

Gemstones can be divided into Three Segments

Gemstone Reports make it possible to classifying Gemstones into the above mentioned categories based on factors such as their Refractive Index, Specific Gravity and so on.

Inclusions and Unnatural Treatments can be identified in the procedure that can variably affect

The Value of Gemstone.