Pearls evoke a sense of sophistication, style, and opulence. once you are shopping for pearl jewelry, you will encounter a spread of various pearls, and you’ll be curious which ones are right for you. There are distinct variations between naturally occurring pearls and genteel pearls, also as variations between fresh and saltwater varieties. Understanding those variations can assist you create an hep call once purchasing pearl jewellery.
Cultured and Natural Pearls:

How Natural Pearls are Created

Natural pearls occur within the wild, without any human help. {they are|they’re} afraid and are quite rare. When found, the pearls are harvested, cleaned, and created into jewelry.

How genteel Pearls are Created

Cultured pearls are grown below tightly controlled conditions by pearl farmers. Farmers plant a core made of mussel shell into associate oyster or mussel; then the oyster or mussel forms a pearl around this pain in the ass, even as they are doing once forming natural pearls. Pearl farmers style genteel pearls from begin to finish, ensuring they are absolutely shaped and lambent. Once harvested, the pearls are cleansed, and some are treated and bleached before being created into jewellery.

Freshwater and H2O Pearls

Both natural and genteel pearls may be fresh or H2O pearls. fresh pearls are created or occur in mussels, whereas H2O pearls are created or occur in oysters.

Differences in look

Natural pearls vary in size and luminosity, tho’ most have a surprising iridescent quality. they are also found during a type of shapes and sizes just because they’re wild. genteel pearls have a number of the same qualities, but they’re going to most frequently be uniformly formed and sized, and they can also be dyed or bleached to realize different colors and luster.

Cultured isn’t Imitation

Cultured pearls are usually thought of as imitation pearls, but the 2 mustn’t be confused. genteel pearls are made of the same material as natural pearls and take time to form, up to seven years depending on the sort of pearl. Imitation pearls are usually made of plastic or glass and may be factory-made quite easily and quickly. Keep this in mind once you are shopping for pearl jewelry.

Different worth Ranges

Because natural pearls are rare and tough to find, they’re typically quite expensive. perfect strands of natural pearls are even a lot of uncommon and may be among the most pricey items of knickknack. genteel pearls can even be expensive, depending on their luster, shape, and size, but are available in a range of prices. both natural and genteel pearls of all varieties may be a valuable jewellery investment, so buy and purchase your pearl jewelry carefully.

Types of Pearl & Pearl Origin

There are many various styles of pearl, some rarer than others, before we tend to begin differentiating between them lets 1st perceive how pearls are born.

In alternative words the creation of a pearl is caused by the protective reaction of associate oyster or mussel to the accidental or deliberate introduction of a remote body into its organism. This reaction starts by the invertebrate covering the interloper with animal tissue cells which will kind a pearl sac round the intruder, that successively deposit homo concentric layers of mother-of-pearl that surround the sinning object and slowly kind the pearl, layer by layer. If the mollusc doesn’t react in this way it’ll die. to grasp further the origins of pearl formation please refer to this link on What makes a pearl… A PEARL


Extract from a speech delivered by Christiane Douglas to the Gemological Association of London, on the 22nd April 1998.

ON the outside there’s NO distinction BETWEEN A NATURAL PEARL AND A genteel PEARL. The difference arises from the actual fact that a natural pearl is made accidentally and with none human intervention, whereas a genteel pearl is started by the introduction of an irritant by man, when that the process is continued alone by the metabolism of the living invertebrate.

A Classification of the various types of pearl that are easily found are listed below with their position in relation to all alternative pearls.

The term natural pearl implies that it’s formed accidentally without any human intervention.


Yellow Topaz
Yellow Topaz

Yellow Sapphire


Yellow Sapphire Gemstones

A Yellow Sapphire crystal is a present gemstone, consisting primarily of corundum (aluminium oxide), and coloured with slight traces of iron – the metal that results in its stunning yellow hue. Found sometimes in igneous rocks and in sediment deposits, this superb stone has long held the admiration and marvel of all kinds of individuals – from travellers and explorers to kings and queens. Carving and cutting of the natural stone creates the brightly lit and cut crystal that’s one of the most valued of all precious stones. A yellow sapphire has considerable sparkle and may show different|completely different} colors once viewed from different angles. Sapphires is heat treated, subtle with metal or irradiated to preserve and enhance their yellow brilliance – however the present sapphires ar still the foremost valued.

Called pushparaga in Sinhalese and Sanskrit, and usually noted in Bharat as Pukhraj, the color of the simplest yellow sapphire Gemstones has been thought of to be the right amalgam of the yellow of a sunset evening and therefore the blue tinge of a lotus flower. Sapphires ar noted for his or her extreme hardness – next only to diamond – and ar these days used for a good vary of commercial applications; together with lasers, solid-state electronic devices and electronic wristwatches. but in fact, the choicest use of sapphires is in jewellery – with necklaces, beads, rings, bands etc.

Did you know? one in every of the biggest yellow Sapphires Gems ever found weighed nearly 2020 carats, and was called the Tomahawk Tiger. it had been purloined and located nearly six years later!

Significance of the yellow sapphire Gems:

The yellow sapphire Stone is connected to the earth Jupiter. Jupiter, the biggest planet within the system, is related to virtues of luck and prosperity. dominated by the Guru, the teacher, this planet propels someone towards happiness and fulfillment through use of wisdom, and so the correct use of the yellow sapphire crystal will profit an equivalent. As Jupiter is justifiedly referred to as Guru (teacher) in Hindu mythology, one will especially bring himself/herself fortune within the fields of trade, analysis, teaching, situation, law, trade, business etc. It balanced the Vishudha chakra that is that the chakra for communication and expression. It enhances the self-worth and understanding skills of the user. it’s terribly effective in healing diseases of the throat and lungs.

The Peela pukhraj is additionally related to fertility and sensible wedding. It’s purported to be useful for unmarried  girls (and men) World Health Organization ar trying to find stability in future marriages, and conjointly for married couples for peace and reduction in marital conflicts. In terms of ailments, the yellow sapphire, connected with the wearer’s skin has various effects in eradicating throat and thyroid issues. The yellow sapphire crystal, upon being bought and well-defined, may also carry negative energies, therefore the ring or stone is detoxified by dipping it in water nightlong.

How to establish a true Yellow Sapphire Gems:

•    A real Yellow Sapphire Gems is one in every of the toughest noted minerals. It cannot be damaged, even by steel and may be scraped solely by diamond.

•    It will not show any color changes if placed in milk for nearly daily.

Properties of Yellow Sapphire Gemstones

•    Planet: Jupiter
•    Indian Name: Pukhraj
•    Sanskrit Names: Pusparaga, Pushyarag, Puspa-Raja , Guru-Ratna
•    Hardness: nine (Mohs scale)
•    Chakra: Vishuddha
•    Cosmic Color: lightweight Blue


•    Yellow sapphires ar most splendidly found in Srilanka, Madagascar and African nation and conjointly in Bharat and Russia. the biggest provides of Sapphires currently comes from Ceylone in Srilanka.

Care for your Yellow Sapphire Gems:

•    The yellow sapphire Stone is incredibly exhausting, and will be cleansed with heat detergent water and a soft brush.
How to wear when shopping for Yellow Sapphire Stones

•    Only a Gem expert or a Chakra practician will guide you regarding the correct crystal to wear and therefore the carrying methodology. once worn as per Rudraksha Ratna Science therapy where the Gem is about with Bhasma and metal, it offers solely useful results to the user.

•    It ought to be worn on a Thursday
•    Mantra: “Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namaha”
•    Best Day for wearing: Thursday
•    Best Time for wearing: Pushya Nakshatra; Shukla Paksha


Colour Diamonds
Color Diamonds

Colored Diamonds

The Colored Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds square measure amazing in that the colors not only carry psychological power however the colors of Fancy Diamonds conjointly replicate their creation and their history. As a diamond formed within the earth, the presence of sure elements and/or temperature fluctuations caused the color of the diamond to change as it was developing.

he impact of colors on psychological science is a locality of study that’s closely linked to the impact of colors on human emotions. colors are used effectively in everything from disapproval, assume Tiffany’s blue boxes, to dominant violence in prisons. The psychological power behind colors is fascinating. a colored ring has hidden which means and also hidden influence on the psychological science of the user and viewer alike.

Naturally colored diamonds, conjointly referred to as Fancy Diamonds, come in each color of the rainbow and that they are exceptionally rare. Blue, pink, red, purple and yellow are some of the most asked for colors in Fancy Diamonds. Fancy Diamonds can also are available black-gray, brown and even milky white. Before you get your Fancy Diamond, here are some fascinating facts concerning the psychological science of the color yet because the formation of the stones.
Blue Diamonds

The Hope Diamond is the most famed blue diamond on the earth. Pure, cool, magically rich and deep, the colour blue is associated with purity and wealth. it’s the colour of intuition and peace. The presence of element once the stone was forming, ends up in stones that vary from a lightweight sky blue to a rich deep blue, the colour of the ocean. related to water and the sky, blue is the color of sophistication and calm.

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are exciting in their beauty and that they are known to bring astronomical costs at auction. It isn’t precisely known however pink diamonds square measure shaped but it’s thought that at some point throughout its formation the diamond was exposed to intense pressure inflicting an alteration within the crystalline structure of the stone. Psychologically, pink is related to femininity yet as fertility. Pink may be a calming color and it’s related to caring and relaxation.

Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are one in all the rarest stones on the earth. These stones are thus rare that not abundant is understood about them or their formation. Like pink diamonds, it’s thought that pressure during formation changes the crystalline structure leading to the wealthy red color of the diamond. Red is the color of passion and love. Fiery, important and volatile, red is also related to happiness and health.

Purple Diamonds

Associated with royalty, purple diamonds command noble price tags. Purple is the color of fidelity, honor and courageousness and also the user of a purple diamond is assumed to possess good luck and long life. Purple is additionally related to the imagination.

Green Diamonds

Some of the most interesting diamonds, the colour green is thought to result from the irradiation of the diamond whereas it absolutely was forming within the earth. The result of the radiation causes the electrons within the crystalline structure to alter slightly resulting in the color green. Psychologically, inexperienced is associated with growth and fertility, with balance,  renewal and rebirth.

Yellow Diamonds

Canary yellow diamonds are created through the addition of gas during the formation of the stone. Intensely yellow diamonds square measure the most common of the flowery Diamonds however they are still extremely rare. a number of the most effective yellow diamonds return from mines here during this country, in Arkansas. Yellow is that the color of happiness and wealth. Yellow reflects an intellectual individual. it’s conjointly related to joy and power.

Colored Diamond Benefits that you simply need to grasp
Colored diamonds became progressively common in recent years. These distinctive diamonds are becoming the featured centerpiece on everything from engagement rings to beautiful necklaces. because the quality of colored diamonds surges, several square measure seeking more info about their background.  Arpege Diamonds is proud to bring you some interesting and small known facts about colored diamonds.

Colored Diamond Facts
1. Diamonds square measure hierarchical  based mostly off of color, clarity, cut, and carat size.  In colorless diamonds, color refers to the lack of color; a superbly pure diamond has no hue. colored diamonds square measure hierarchical  by an equivalent four characteristics, however the presence of sure colors will conversely increase the worth of the diamond.
2. Colored diamonds are hierarchical  by The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) ranging from Faint, Very Light, Fancy light-weight, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid with Fancy Vivid as the highest color grade.
3. The restricted availability of colored diamonds highly impacts their worth. just one in ten,000 mined diamonds will be colored. The Argyle mine in Australia, mines thirty million carats a year and fewer than I Chronicles square measure colored diamonds and out of these, solely a hand full are investment quality.

4. The rarest colored diamonds are red, blue, green, orange and pink. However, pink & red colored diamonds are thought of the most rare.

5. The easy law of supply and demand makes colored diamonds a valuable investment.
Three different diamond mines in Africa have closed in recent years. The Argyle mine in Australia, that produces the most important amount of pink diamonds, is ceasing production within the short years returning. As for mines in Canada and Russia, they’re simply simply not producing enough colored diamonds for to stay up with the high demand. With associate inevitable shortage of colored diamonds on the horizon, costs still rise.

6. Colored diamonds are noted to bring astounding costs on the block. Pink diamonds are often selling for overrun seven figures. Yellow diamonds are showing the strongest growth potential.

7. Colored diamonds have seen associate inflated average value of 10-15% per year. Fancy colored diamonds ought to be looked at as a long-run investment chance. The come back may be substantial as there’s no true set value on such gems.

8. Don’t be fooled; there’s a distinction between natural color diamonds and treated color diamonds. The treated diamonds have their color more by artificial means, are mass created, and area unit thought of replicas, so lowering the worth of the initial diamond.

9. Cutting a colored diamond takes significantly longer than their colorless counterparts. colored diamonds square measure thought to realize their hue partly owing to the imperfections at intervals the stone that refract light otherwise than colorless stones.  Thus, a totally totally different technique is employed by the diamond cutters and diamond cutters that frequently cut colorless stones wouldn’t incline the task of performing on a colored stone.