Diamond Report

Gemstones can be divided into Three Segments

  • Precious Gemstones
  • Semi Precious Gemstones
  • Man Made Gemstones

Diamond Report provides in depth information about the Stone which you are intending to buy.

The following details are mentioned in the Report

  • Diamond Shape and Cut – It describes the shape in which the Diamond has been Manufactured

          These are the major Cuts available internationally

          i) Round Brilliant Cut

          ii) Princess Cut

          iii) Oval Cut

          iv) Marquise Cut

          v) Pear Cut

          vi) Heart Cut

          vii) Emerald Cut

          viii) Cushion Cut

          ix) Asscher Cut

  • Carat Weight – Shows the exact weight of Diamond in Carats.
  • Measurements – Describes the Dimensions of the Diamond.
  • Proportions – This includes Depth, Table, Crown Angle, Girdle and Culet
  • Grading Results –It is the most important part of the Report. It contains the Diamond Color and Clarity details of the Diamond
  • Comments – Which can be personal details or report number inscribed on the Girdle of the Diamond