Terms & conditions


1)    This report contains descriptions of the characteristics of Diamonds and Jewellery based upon application of grading techniques and equipment available to and used by INGEMCO for its examination.

2)   Other descriptions of the item may differ depending upon when, how and by whom the item is graded, and may differ in future as a result of changes and improvements in grading techniques and equipment.

3)   This report is not a guarantee or appraisal of value. The information contained in this report is solely the opinion regarding the characteristics of item submitted for examination and represents opinion of Ingemco regarding said item at the time of examination only.

4)   We make no warranty expressed or implied regarding the report. Total weight and Diamond count are provided by the Jeweller for whom the said Jewellery report is made.

5)   Ingemco and its employees and agents shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expenses for any error in or commission for this report or for its issuance or use, even if caused by resulting from negligence or other fault (except fraud,willful misconduct, or gross negligence) of Ingemco or any of this employees or agents.

6)   For the protection of both INGEMCO and purchaser, this report is for the personal use of the purchaser and the purchaser acknowledges by accepting this report that we are not responsible for any action taken based on this report.

7)   Ingemco is a recognized individual entity that operates as a Gemological Laboratory Worldwide.

8)   Any dispute/arbitration concerning this report shall only be governed by the Indian Judiciary in New Delhi.